Telegram December 30, 1944 from Secretary of War informing Joseph R. Wanta of the death of his son, Thomas C. Wanta

The Wanta family learns on 30 December 1944 that Tom has been killed

About one month later, a letter is received from Tom's commanding officer:

"30 January 1945

Dear Mrs. Wanta;

By now you have been informed of the death of your son, Thomas C. Wanta. Tom died as a result of injuries incurrend when an airplane taking off, blew a tire and crashed into the Emergency Crash Ambulance which he was attending at Leyte Airdrome, Philippine Islands, 4:30 a.m., 13 December 1944. Immediately after the accident, Tom was rushed to the hospital, where he died at 1:00p.m., still in the state of unconsciousness.

We here know mere words are of little comfort at a time like this, yet we would like you to know of the high esteem and admiration we hold for your son.

Tom's keen knowledge and education was not kept to himself, but as section chief he utilized it in his work where he not only found happiness, but along with his gentle nature and god humor made it a pleasure for men to work with him. His devotion to duty is a shing example to look up to, and we shall strive to live up to those standards he so gallantly set forth.


Sincerely yours,

George A. Walker

Lt. Col., Air Corps


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