This web site honors two war heros of our family, my uncle Thomas C. Wanta, who is the main subject, as well as my father, John W. Atkinson. Although he had a distinguished service record of his own, and many hair raising stories to tell, he always insisted that Tom, my mother's oldest brother, was the "true war hero" of our family. Tom was the only one in our family to make the ultimate sacrifice for his country and for all of us.

My father, John W. Atkinson, a 2nd Lt. in the Army Aircorp (who trained B-24 and B-25 pilots in Valdosta, GA), asked me on his deathbed to find out what I could about Tom's service. He wanted to be sure that the family remembered Tom and honored him. Not too hard for my generation, but passing information on to my children, and all of Tom's living relatives, has been hard with few surviving relatives who knew Tom personally and few photos and letters to rely upon. Please tell others about Tom.

I created this web site in partial fulfullment of my father's wish.

I am indebted to my sister Ann for her careful archival of what material the family has, as well as the long hours scanning material for my research into Tom's history.

I must also acknowledge the amazing resources I have found on the Internet, without which it would have been impossible to fill in the missing blanks and verify what little detail I had regarding Tom's service.

Portrait of John William Atkinson, mid 1980’sPortrait of John William Atkinson as a young cadet during World War II.

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